Uncompromising Death Metal, that’s what Mementory stands for. For many years now, there is a trend towards mixing various music genres and styles - THIS will NEVER become an issue for this band! It was agreed on upholding the values of classical death metal, without experimental instruments or influences.

The band was founded in 2012 by Helmut Hirsch, Dominik Fischer and Benedikt Fuchs. Those three had already been jamming as a loose band without a name for two years. Initially, Helmut and Dominik met each other in a rock bar in the Bavarian city Straubing. It became clear quite quickly that both shared a huge buzz for extreme music and drinks later they agreed on meeting for a jam session. At that time, Dominik met an old pal of his at a metal concert who, by chance, played the drums. The rest arose almost from itself and, thanks to the drummer, the jam session of two guitarists became the first band rehearsal. Although it was clear from this rehearsal on, that they would only play pure Death Metal, it was rather diffcult to find a bass player who wanted to join the pack. So the years went by and the three had to practise and write songs without a fourth man. As the search seemed to become a hopeless venture and almost halt the inhabitants of Lower Bavaria were asked if they can play the bass, times were changing. Martin, who had been a friend to the band for several years, could be convinced to buy some bass equipment and join the forces. From this point on, the band was complete and ready to rumble in December 2013. In the same month, the first Demo was recorded and finally released in January 2014.
For reasons of time, Martin and Benedikt had to leave Mementory. It was a blast to work with you guys and we wish you only the best for your future! Since August 2016 Mementory is complete again with Alex on the bass and Flo on the drums. So the band is ready to forge ahead with no more and no less than solid Old School Death Metal.